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Just caught up with a blog post from the UK Ministry of Justice Digital team’s Martin Oliver. It originally appeared on the MoJ blog as Cracking the code and content question, but was republished under a different title on Public Technology as Running your digital project - tips from MOJ Digital. There’s lots of useful advice, but I was disappointed not to see reference to using quantitative data and analysis. I think data and telling a story from its analysis are vital to content development.

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We’ve decided to reboot the ‘Data at GDS blog’ to focus only on posts relating to technical aspects of data work being done in GDS. So only posts from performance analysts, data analysts and data scientists will appear. We hope this will provide a means of sharing our learning amongst ourselves and with colleagues both inside and outside government. We’ll be sharing tips and hacks on data tools, development of data science prototypes and feedback from analytics events we’ve been involved in.

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On 4 December, I hosted DAUGS VI, the sixth meet-up of Digital Analysts in UK Government Services. What started as a smallish event for digital analysts working on the UK Government Digital Service’s Digital Transformation exemplar programme, has blossomed into a wider event for a wider family of analysts and other disciplines interested in using digital data. Network visualisation of GOV.UK Forty to fifty people attended DAUGS VI and we had speakers from: