3 minute read

An article about my local council’s worsening recycling rate sent me on a quick investigation of the data and to reflect on the context. “Cllr Jan Warwick, portfolio holder for environment, blamed a fall in the amount of newspapers being recycled.” Hum, what does that mean? I presume it means fewer newspapers in volume are being recycled - rather than the proportion of newspapers being recycled has fallen.

1 minute read

What I do using the 1000 most used words Cambridge based geneticist, Theo Sanderson has built a great tool, THE UP-GOER FIVE TEXT EDITOR. You’re asked to explain a hard idea using only the ten hundred most used words. There’s been a bit of a Twitter meme to try to explain your job within the same parameters. Here’s my go: I help people who build stuff with computers think about what good looks like

2 minute read

The thoughtful Dominic Hurst has recently posted about Why we report data. He’s provided some excellent tips to meet the challenge of presenting data or user research that is understood and actionable: Widen the ownership of the dashboard Try just focus on the metrics that matter Strip the dashboard of analytical jargon Provide actionable insights Beta dashboard used at Liverpool John Moores University(LMU) I’d add to this the challenge of getting users to engage with a dashboard or report in the first place.