Re This is The Plan

I've been re-reading Craig Sullivan's recent blog post, This is The Plan:

This is The Plan

It's a great plan and an excellent template. It got me thinking how this fits into the culture of the wider agile team, where iteration can often look like this:

Iteration cycle goes wrong

(Extract from a Lean Analytics talk by Alistair Croll at Melbourne Business school).

Not surprisingly a Lean approach provides a way in; and I came across Joshua Kerievsky's post Agile Vs. Lean Startup. Kerievsky has a table where he compares the language or artifacts used in each and I found the Lean Startup language much more meaningful from an analyst/insight perspective.

Iteration cycle goes wrong

Of course, Agile and Lean Startup are largely compatible. The former more in a software development context and the latter more appropriate in business development/product management/customer development - where most analysts and user researchers are probably focussed.