GP patient numbers in Winchester and open data

My GP's surgery, St Paul's in Winchester, has an adjacent pharmacy and small private car park. It's always been very busy, but recently I've found myself queuing to get a »

Being more precise about date formats

I've been working with Data Studio today and realised it interprets dates a bit more strictly than charts in Sheets. I thought I'd share what I did - and its »

Industry standards for measuring websites

So what's best practice for measuring the impact of websites - especially public sector sites? I've recently been doing some research about useful published standards for measuring the effectiveness of »

An analytical response to ‘Facing things as they are'

Will Myddleton recently posted about Facing things as they are — as a fundamental of user research and an approach to life. As an analyst and as a meditator who works »

Weeknotes 01-02

I've been following the trials, tribulations and successes of colleagues in their weeknotes over the last while. So now I'm having a go - to share my working week as »